I'm a wife, mom, friend, photographer, procrastinator, confidant, ...artist, lover of naps, student of life. I'm sure of a few things, totally unsure of most other things. Living life day by day and trying to make it happy. Not by looking to things I don't have and thinking they will bring happiness, but by seeing what I do have and realizing it is what makes me happy. I think life should be simpler than most of us make it... I just want to learn not to sweat the small stuff. I am pretty quiet...really.

I enjoy trying to see the good in people, watching thunderstorms, knowing love and being able to return it, sharing this planet with all the rest of you and trying not to screw it up, seeing beauty in places where others do not, feeling the sun on my face, walking in the woods with my dog and my camera, sweating... and feeling great about it, just living and breathing and being myself, and hopefully treating others the way I would want to be treated... My biggest hope when I am gone is not that I be famous, or rich or loaded down with possessions... I would hope that those I love the most will realize the depth of my feelings for them and that I will have somehow made a difference in life for them, hopefully one that brings a smile.

These are my images, my art, some of the things that make me feel good. I hope that you enjoy them and explore the link to my Etsy shop and other media if you’re interested. Life is good, and oh so short. Enjoy your day! And smile.


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